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The cases of the courts still last long either the case is normal or criticized. the person who is fighting for the case in the court has to be suffer from many type of concerns. Court cases are considered as time wasting as well as money wasting because one has to appear in the court every month or on every date given by the judge and one have to hire lawyer. The fees of the lawyer is vary according to case and it is always happen either you hired your lawyer before but still you have to give money to your lawyer on every date so that your lawyer tries best to resolve the case.
In India constitution there are many articles and laws under which the courts cases are been. But there are so many cases pending and unresolved in Indian courts which should have to clear out. This is because of lack of judges in the Indian courts and due to negligence of the officer’s who appeal to solve the cases of the people. In this way, people avoid to have case in the court because they know the consequences which are of time wasting and money wasting. But no body can stop the time and situations which put a man in the dig. There are number of cases which have been in the courts and some of them are mentioned below:
Divorce cases: divorce cases are very common to see in the courts. The married couples who want to get seperate from each other due to certain issue give their application for divorce under which court give them time for a period for their divorce application.
Property cases: property cases in which people are fighting for their property. Either they fight with their relatives or the other person who want to acquire their property. There are also many cases in which the court helps those people whose property have been acquired by someone forcefully. The joint families and small families who want part of the property from their Guardians put cases against their parents, brothers and relatives.
Police cases: in police cases when a person who misbehaved with the police officer and who disobey the rules of the law is fined and his name sent for verification to the court so that the person will never do unethical activities again. If person is caught by police by selling unethical items like heroine, morphine etc. There are variety of police cases which are in the court and people fight for them.
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